The Author

Jean McKen is a former classroom music teacher who has used music technology to compose and teach for many years. She is the composer of
“I Am Song, Je Suis Chanson” – the winning submission to the CMEA/ACME 50th anniversary song competition. Hear the winning song.

While on a teaching assistantship at Indiana University, IUPUI, Jean acquired her Masters of Science in Music Technology focusing in the area of instructional design.

Jean is actively engaged in Breezin’ Thru and, alongside a busy conference schedule, she trains teachers and composers to use music software. Her mandate is to see people enhancing their teaching and learning experiences through the thoughtful combination of 21st Century tools and meaningful curriculum resources.

Based on both her own experience in the classroom and from her work with music teachers in a variety of settings in both Canada and the US, Jean recognized a need for a totally new curriculum tool that would take the pain out of studying music theory, and lighten the load for teachers.

Jean explains, “While there are many good music theory products out there, I found as a classroom music teacher for 30 years, that:
  • A lot don’t drill enough
  • They introduce too many concepts at one given time
  • Exercise completion takes too long
  • There can be curriculum gaps
  • And they don’t apply or link music theory to composition

So that’s what motivated me to develop Breezin’ Thru Theory!”

Breezin’ Thru Theory was test-marketed for two years with great success, before its official launch three years ago. Its popularity continues to grow across North America.