Designed for performance programs, Breezin’ Thru Theory’s unique, interactive approach builds self-confidence and makes learning to read and understand music a snap.

The result? Your kids sound better faster.

Breezin’ Thru® Theory is sleekly designed, packed with cool tools and “got ‘em, want ‘em” rewards that motivate students to learn.

A Fresh, Exciting Approach

1. One Concept at a Time

By learning in smaller, easy­-to­-understand increments, it’s a snap for students to build music theory mastery, as well as self­-confidence!

With Breezin’ Thru’s scaffolded content there are no gaps, and they pick up theory fast – so no student gets left behind.

2. See It, Hear It Lessons

When students can see AND hear the music theory concept it’s less abstract and just makes so much more sense.

This musical approach ensures better “aha!” comprehension, and makes learning more interesting! And, we make it a breeze – it’s quick, simple and clear!

3. Mad Dash Drills

We understand that building rapid response to music theory concepts is key.

Our unique 2­-minute Mad Dash Drills are a fun, fast way for students to get instant feedback and keep at it until they perfect the drill. (And with auto­-scoring it saves you time marking!)

Plus EAR TRAINING is seamlessly integrated for well-rounded learning.

4. Interactive Games

Our super­-fun Hockey Shoot ‘n Score games – Stickin’ The Staff, Rhythm Rocks, Icing Intervals and Trippin’ Thru Triads – provide extra practice and the leaderboards motivate students.

New for 23-24: Breezin’ Thru Fingerings is a fun and easy way to master instrument finger positions!

Plus, the annual school vs school Breezin’ Thru Ultimate Playoff challenges students to test their musical knowledge. With prizes and bragging rights – they love it!

5. Play That Tune

Who says music theory has to be all work and no play?

To round off each chapter, students can apply the theory they’ve learned by jamming along with musical scores and back­-up tracks.

As they jam, kids are also reinforcing the knowledge they’ve gained from each chapter.

6. Don’t Let the Fun Factor Fool You

It’s also highly effective.

With the student dashboard, every bit of Breezin’ Thru Theory helps students achieve mastery and take ownership in their success.

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