What grades/ages is Breezin’ Thru Theory for?

Breezin’ Thru Theory is designed to support the music curriculum needs of Grades 4 to 12, Advanced Placement Level 1, and to assist in the preparation of Royal Conservatory of Music theory exams. With 24 chapters of scaffolded content, Breezin’ Thru Theory is designed to give you maximum flexibility as a teacher. Choose what’s right for your students and program, it also allows for individualized learning – remedial or enriched.  See curriculum charts.

Who pays for the annual subscription, my students or the school?

Orders for Breezin’ Thru Theory are placed by schools, districts, home schoolers or studios. Depending on your school or situation you may choose to cover the total cost of the subscription order through your music budget, booster program, a textbook fund or an IT budget. Alternatively, you may wish to pass on the charge to your students, as you would for other school materials or supplies. It’s whatever works best for you. Either way the school places the order.

Can students access it from home or just from school?

As a teacher you can access Breezin’ Thru Theory at anytime and anyplace – as long as you have an internet connection. Just go to the Breezin’ Thru Theory website and log on with your subscriber’s password. For students, it depends on what package was purchased. For the Lab Package, student access is limited to school use only. All other subscribers have 24 hour access anywhere, any place. Compare the plans here.

Is Ear Training an added cost?

Great news – it’s included in your subscription at no added cost!


What devices does it work on?

Breezin’ Thru Theory, and the interactive games and piano work with most any device – computers & laptops, Chromebooks, iPad/tablets, and smart phones using the more modern browsers and operating systems.
(See technical requirements)

What are the technical requirements?

  1. Internet:  You’ll need an internet connection to access all your Breezin’ Thru Theory tools.
  2. Works with most desktops and mobile devices that support HTML5 with audio, and have JavaScript enabled.
    Windows 7, 8.1:	Chrome (best), Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox
    Windows 10:		Chrome (best), Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, Edge
    ChromeBook:		Chrome (best)
    OS X:			Safari (best), Chrome
    iOS 6+:			Safari (best), Chrome
    Android 4.4+:		Chrome (best)

Is it accessed 100% online?

Yes – just login & go. There’s nothing to download or install. To save time, you can also login with Google Single Sign-On (SSO)!

Will my IT department need to do anything?

They may need to whitelist the following urls for both http and https

Do you support Single Sign-On for Google or Clever?

Yes, and here are some instructions on how that works:


How does BT Theory link with BT Composing?

BT Theory and BT Composing are designed to work hand and hand, and this is a totally unique feature to Breezin’ Thru.  Breezin’ Thru Theory provides you with a fun way to learn music theory concepts; while Breezin’ Thru Composing helps apply what you learnt to create your own music.

The 15 chapters of Breezin’ Thru Composing line up perfectly to Breezin’ Thru Theory with a variety of engaging activities; including creating a melody based on your name, film scoring and song writing.

Both products can be used separately, but it’s a great way to amp up your impact and it connects the learning of the two so beautifully. Woohoo! We’ll bring out the music in you!

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