Drill-ceptional #1 (2017/18)

We’re Off to the Races!

Welcome to our 1st “Drill-ceptional Report” for the 2017-18 School year … for Breezin’ Thru Theory Mad Dash Drills! The goal is to keep things fun for students, while building mastery, and providing some well deserved recognition.

And Wow – what a start it’s been!

  • There are many new schools on the Leaderboard, including four new Regional #1’s!
  • The South has taken an early lead … with 10 schools ranking among the Top 25 (3500+ Drills).
  • Students have submitted over 382,000+ Drills so far, which is 60% more than last year. Which also made us add new server capacity just to keep up. Whew!
  • And on Sept. 27, Allen HS (TX) AP Music Theory students submitted the 2 Millionth Breezin’ Thru Theory drill ever!

Here’s how Drill-ceptional works: We’ve divided North America into 5 regions … North, South, East, West, and Central. Every few months we’ll identify the TOP 3 schools for each region (subject to your permission). Results are based on the total number of drills submitted to date for the 2017-18 school year, AND the school’s average needs to be 90% or higher on these drills to qualify.

Drum Roll Please …. The “Drill-ceptional” Schools as of Oct. 31, 2017 are:

Here are the 5 Regions

The Top 3 Schools in each region are listed below. Congrats!!!

Report 1: As of October 31, 2017
(for the 2017-18 school year)


Best in the West

  1. Ferris High School
    (Spokane, WA)
  2. Albuquerque Academy
    (Albuquerque, NM)
  3. Oak Harbor HS
    (Oak Harbor, WA)
    Next Up:
    Valley Christian (CA), La Jolla Country Day (CA)

The Northern Lights

  1. Bishop Allen Academy
    (Toronto, ON)
  2. Vincent Massey HS
    (Brandon, MB)
  3. Bishop Strachan School
    (Toronto, ON)
    Next Up: Dundas Valley SS (ON), Villanova College (ON)

Feast of the East

  1. Fairfax HS
    (Fairfax, VA)
  2. Dempsey MS
    (Delaware, OH)
  3. Shanahan MS
    (Lewis Center, OH)
    Next Up:
    Ravenscroft School (NC), Olentangy High School (OH)

Center Stage

  1. Adlai E. Stevenson HS
    (Lincolnshire, IL)
  2. Chicago Academy HS
    (Chicago, IL)
  3. Jefferson City HS
    (Jefferson City, MO)
    Next Up:
    Lakeside Lutheran HS (WI), Lincoln-Way East HS (IL)

Southern Stars

  1. Plano Sr. High
    (Plano, TX)
  2. Plano West SHS
    (Plano, TX)
  3. Allen HS
    (Allen, TX)
    Next Up:
    McMillan Jr High (TX), Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy (FL)

Woohoo &
Congratulations to All !!!


(As of Oct. 31, 2017)

With An Incredible 12,241 Drills
Is Plano Sr. HS (Texas)

Most Drills/Student at 124 per student
Is McKinney North HS (Texas)

Yep, Everything’s Looking Bigger in Texas!

5050+ Drills

TOP 25
3500+ Drills

TOP 50
2250+ Drills

We can hardly wait to see who makes it on the Leaderboard next. There are many schools close on their heels … from Alabama & New York to Maine & Michigan, just to name a few.

P.S. There are prizes awarded at year end. So have some fun …. Breezin’ Thru !