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Data-Driven Insights Fuel Funding

We all know how hard it can be to secure funding for music programs. That’s why we wanted to share this story from Amanda Irby, band director, and Matthew Rubenstein, orchestra and guitar director, who teach at Burney-Harris Lyons Middle School in Clarke Country School District, GA.

Like many schools, they were able to get funding during the pandemic, but once things got back to normal, that support was cut. Without Breezin’ Thru they saw their music program suffer and were determined to get it back. They knew that a data-driven approach would help them make their case. See how they did it!

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Harmonious Learning: A Game-Changing Music Theory Experience for Students

As a music educator, Natalie DiNardo, of De La Salle College “Oaklands,” has long searched for an online music theory program. “The old standard theory book was dry, had to be collected and marked and could not provide instant feedback.”

Her quest led her to Breezin’ Thru Theory, which not only caters to the diverse needs of students but also makes learning an enjoyable and engaging experience.

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A Motivating Game Plan

When Julie Goodwin, Piano Lab Instructor, informed her 115 students at Austin Academy for Excellence that they would be taking on the world in a music theory contest she was hoping to ignite a little friendly competition amongst her middle-school students. Little did she know that her kids would end up winning not one but two of the top prizes in Breezin’ Thru Theory’s annual Ultimate Playoff competition.

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All Done in 3 Months. Wow!

Recently, a teacher from Severance Middle School in Colorado reached out to us to let us know that one of her students, Elayne L., had not only whipped through all 24 chapters in Breezin’ Thru Theory, but had done so at a 100% success rate on all 248 drills that reinforce the chapters.

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The Secret to Funding Your Music Program

Music educators know that teaching music is an inspiring and richly rewarding experience. However, one part of the job that can be the most challenging is ensuring that your music program continues to grow and thrive. Raising the funds to secure necessary equipment, online resources and supplies can be daunting. Discover the three key steps you need to take to give your fundraising efforts wings to fly!

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How to Engage Digital Natives in Music Theory

Did you know that only 12% of Gen Z kids — the “digital natives’ born 1996 and later — said they learn through listening to a teacher’s lecture. Tech savvy and not content to be passive learners, these students are shaping change in how music education is taught. Discover the three ways teachers can make learning more fun, helpful and interactive to more deeply engage digital natives in music theory.

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7 Steps to Grow Your Music Program

It’s no secret that, as a music educator, you love what you do and want to inspire a lifelong love of music in your students. However, if you’re trying to keep your program thriving, re-energize an existing music program or build one from the ground up, there can be numerous challenges. Here are seven solid strategies designed to help attract and retain kids, and build your program’s profile.

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