Upcoming Fun Tournament

Breezin’ Thru ULTIMATE PLAYOFF Starts January 17th! Note for note, get ready to play against the best. Your school goes up against schools from across North America and around the world and students put their skills to the test.   THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! 5 Chances to WIN 4 Exciting games 3 Ways to rank […]

Live Webinars

Breezin’ Thru Theory LIVE “Best Practices” Webinar   Specifically designed to support performance programs, Breezin’ Thru Theory can quickly close learning gaps and amplify your students’ mastery of musical concepts. This session will cover best practices that will take your program to the next level.  We’ve collected strategies shared by teachers over the years, and you can share yours too! […]

2022 Tournament Results

Breezin’ Thru ULTIMATE PLAYOFF Results are in! Bravo! A huge thank you to all the students who put their music theory skills to the test across North America and around the world! The Breezin’ Thru Ultimate Playoff is now finished and we have our winners.   CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS Treble Winner Queen Elizabeth High […]

Teaching Strategies with Breezin’ Thru

Building student confidence and musicianship, while keeping things fun is what Breezin’ Thru Theory is all about. Tune into this short webinar as Jean McKen shares some key strategies and best practices as well as stories from other teachers on how they are getting kids excited about learning music theory with Breezin’ Thru.

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Drill-ceptional 2019-20 Winners

The Final Results are in.

The Drill-ceptional Schools for 2019-20 are …

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The Secret to Funding Your Music Program

Music educators know that teaching music is an inspiring and richly rewarding experience. However, one part of the job that can be the most challenging is ensuring that your music program continues to grow and thrive. Raising the funds to secure necessary equipment, online resources and supplies can be daunting. Discover the three key steps you need to take to give your fundraising efforts wings to fly!

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Drill-ceptional #3 (2019-20)

Look Who’s Moving Up!

Here’s our 3rd “Drill-ceptional Report” for 2019-20 (March 31 ’20)

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How to Engage Digital Natives in Music Theory

Did you know that only 12% of Gen Z kids — the “digital natives’ born 1996 and later — said they learn through listening to a teacher’s lecture. Tech savvy and not content to be passive learners, these students are shaping change in how music education is taught. Discover the three ways teachers can make learning more fun, helpful and interactive to more deeply engage digital natives in music theory.

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7 Steps to Grow Your Music Program

It’s no secret that, as a music educator, you love what you do and want to inspire a lifelong love of music in your students. However, if you’re trying to keep your program thriving, re-energize an existing music program or build one from the ground up, there can be numerous challenges. Here are seven solid strategies designed to help attract and retain kids, and build your program’s profile.

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Drill-ceptional #2 (2019-20)

Success Breeds Success …

Welcome to our 2nd “Drill-ceptional Report” for the 2019-20 School Year … where students have fun, build mastery and enjoy a little friendly competition.
(As of Dec 31 ’19)

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